What surface is right for your driveway

Finding a company to install a new driveway in East Sussex is very easy. You can search online or perhaps drive around and see if there are any driveways that you like the look of being installed, as these tend to have adverts outside.

There are so many types of surface that can be used on driveways that it can be difficult to decide. A good driveway company should be able to help you choose according to the type and amount of usage it will get, and your budget.

Block paving is the most popular type of driveway, and is hardwearing and easy to pull up if there is any work that needs doing underneath. It also comes in a real variety of colours and patterns.

Gravel driveways make that classic crunching sound as you drive over it, and are again available in a variety of types and colours.Gravel needs more maintenance than some other types of material.

Pressed concrete driveways are becoming more and more popular, as they can be made to look like block paving , but without the maintenance that is necessary to keep the spaces between blocks looking neat and tidy.

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