How to know when your driveway is in need of repair

When the winter months become a distant memory and the weather starts to get that much nicer, you might start looking around your property and take note of what repairs need doing. Spring is the perfect time to start making lists of everything around your home that needs repairing or replacing and this could include your driveway.

A lot of gravel drives suffer a bit during the long winter months especially if there have been a lot of hard frosts and then days when it seems like it will never stop raining. Both of these can damage gravel driveways, so you need to see just how much gravel is left loose on the ground and how much has compacted down. Gravel drives when they become too hard are not only unsightly but they defeat the object of having a gravel drive in the first place.

You can occasionally get away with raking all the gravel from the edges back to the centre of the drive, but the chances are the depth of the gravel will just not be deep enough. This is the time to think about getting a new driveway put down and to contact a driveway company. They will be able to advise you on the type of load you need to replenish the gravel on your drive so that it looks perfect again.

East Sussex Driveway are experts in their line of work. Once the weight of the load has been determined your gravel will be delivered and laid down in no time at all, so that your property looks pristine again for the summer ahead.

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