Tips on choosing the right design for your driveway

When considering what style of driveway you should put in your property, there is one basic thing you need to remember and this is the drive needs to be at least 12 feet wide. Any less than that and you won’t have enough room to get in and out of your car comfortably and if you have a wall to one side then add another 2 feet to avoid damaging car doors. When it comes to design you have a few choices. The design needs to fit in well with the design of your property and it has to allow you easy access to both your home and your garage. It is always better to avoid any inclines or steep areas when putting in a drive, you need to ensure it is as level as possible to avoid any soggy areas where water can sit. The materials you can use on a driveway fall into two categories which are called solid-surface and aggregate surface. Solid-surface includes concrete and asphalt which are two of the most popular materials to use. Aggregate-surfaces are gravel and crushed stone which are very popular choices. Then you have something called driveway pavers which are somewhere in the middle of the two main categories mentioned above. Another choice is tar-and-chip which is much like asphalt but the surface is not as smooth. If you are looking for a great design that fits in well with your property and you live in the Sussex area, then you can Google the words ‘Sussex driveway’ and this will bring up a list of companies in the area.

How to know when your driveway is in need of repair

When the winter months become a distant memory and the weather starts to get that much nicer, you might start looking around your property and take note of what repairs need doing. Spring is the perfect time to start making lists of everything around your home that needs repairing or replacing and this could include your driveway.

A lot of gravel drives suffer a bit during the long winter months especially if there have been a lot of hard frosts and then days when it seems like it will never stop raining. Both of these can damage gravel driveways, so you need to see just how much gravel is left loose on the ground and how much has compacted down. Gravel drives when they become too hard are not only unsightly but they defeat the object of having a gravel drive in the first place.

You can occasionally get away with raking all the gravel from the edges back to the centre of the drive, but the chances are the depth of the gravel will just not be deep enough. This is the time to think about getting a new driveway put down and to contact a driveway company. They will be able to advise you on the type of load you need to replenish the gravel on your drive so that it looks perfect again.

East Sussex Driveway are experts in their line of work. Once the weight of the load has been determined your gravel will be delivered and laid down in no time at all, so that your property looks pristine again for the summer ahead.

What surface is right for your driveway

Finding a company to install a new driveway in East Sussex is very easy. You can search online or perhaps drive around and see if there are any driveways that you like the look of being installed, as these tend to have adverts outside.

There are so many types of surface that can be used on driveways that it can be difficult to decide. A good driveway company should be able to help you choose according to the type and amount of usage it will get, and your budget.

Block paving is the most popular type of driveway, and is hardwearing and easy to pull up if there is any work that needs doing underneath. It also comes in a real variety of colours and patterns.

Gravel driveways make that classic crunching sound as you drive over it, and are again available in a variety of types and colours.Gravel needs more maintenance than some other types of material.

Pressed concrete driveways are becoming more and more popular, as they can be made to look like block paving , but without the maintenance that is necessary to keep the spaces between blocks looking neat and tidy.